PayGroup is the holding company for PayAsia and was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on May the 29th 2018.

PayGroup is a specialist multi-country Software with a Service (SwaS) and Cloud (SaaS) based HCM (Human Capital Management) services and solutions provider.

PayGroup operates in the Asia Pacific region for multinational companies, and services over 470 client entities with more than 50,000 client employees across 25 countries.

PayAsia is strategically headquartered in Singapore, with 130 employees located across 11 countries. Our clients are typically multinational companies, with a significant number of headquartered regionally in Singapore who has employees in multiple countries. We contract around ninety percent of our clients from Singapore for their regional delivery.

Our contracts are for an initial 3 year (36 months) period, with automated renewals. Our retention rate is over 90%.

PayGroup operates as a trusted partner to deploys SaaS, together with providing a critical Services element of Payroll and HR outsourcing, being SwaS (Software with a Service – equivalent to “BPO Services”). Included in our SwaS are banking and treasury services, lodgements of statutory, taxation, superannuation, pension, provident funds, and other social benefits submissions. Beyond the SwaS services, PayGroup’s SaaS HCM software “HROnline” supports clients in managing aspects of their employees’ life cycle, plus regional and mobile-enabled workflows for critical processes (such as employee and manager self-service, leave management and expense management).

SwaS covers the provision of “Payroll Services” to businesses ranging in size from micro (<10 client employees) to large (>10,000 client employees), for delivery across 2 to 24 countries.

“HCM Software Market” services including software solutions for human resources (HR) administration functions, expense management, electronic payslips, leave management, workflow and employee updates. These can be deployed in the “Cloud” to businesses of all size anywhere in the globe.

Market size

Asia Pacific Market – SwaS (BPO)
In 2016, the BPO market grew significantly in the emerging Asia Pacific region at 10.3% growth in constant currency. The growth in emerging Asia Pacific region outperformed the overall growth in IT services by 2.6%. These figures indicate to us that emerging Asia Pacific countries have potential for growth.

How does PayGroup generate its Annual Repetitive Revenue (ARR)?

PayGroup generates ARR through both its SwaS and SaaS solutions. Our Clients sign 3-year contracts and we are proud of our retention rate of over 90%. Our contracts have an automated renewal structure. The basis of the ARR is that it is derived from the number of employees of each client entity, subject to a minimum fee per client. The use of per employee per month (PEPM) as the basis of calculation is applied to the employee number and in instances where the employee count is below a set number of employees as agreed by PayGroup and the client entity, a minimum fee is levied. For our HCM software applications or modules, revenue is generated from the number of employees of each client entity on a monthly basis (i.e. PEPM).

What is the Group’s geographical and client footprint?









As at 31 December 2018

What are PayGroup’s key growth strategies?

The Group’s strategies for growth is to target:
  • Accelerated ARR growth by leveraging clients and adding services, countries and additional HCM modules.
  • New client acquisition by recruitment of salespeople in key markets.
  • Increase adoption of its Cloud solutions and improve operational efficiencies as a result of the planned investment.
  • Becoming a leader in the multi-country SwaS market by targeting and partnering with North American and European BPO providers who have a need for PayGroup’s services to address the fast-growing demand of their clients in the Asia Pacific region
  • Implementation of treasury functions to facilitate faster processing and reduced transaction/foreign exchange fees for our clients.

Specialist multi-country service provider

PayGroup focuses on delivering solutions on a multi-country basis for multinational companies regardless of their employee size. While being able to service clients on a single country basis, is differentiated by its experienced management team and over a decade to act as a trusted partner for clients in managing their employees across multiple, complex jurisdictions. This multi-country service approach has been a core driver in client growth to date and is supports PayGroup in adding new clients as well as referral alliances with North American and European HCM providers. These strategic partners are typically strong in servicing clients in their own region and need to partner for the Asia Pacific.